It was a dark day when the heroes fell.

We were taken by surprise. Beings from another world promised us salvation from our foes, but in truth brought us only damnation. Our heroes stood to greet the emissaries of the V’Sori Empire only to be destroyed by their extraterrestrial weaponry. The strongest, brightest and best amongst us bled for us one last time and fell.

All is not lost. The infamous despot Doctor Doom has formed a resistance to the alien menace. Proclaiming that the Earth is his to rule, he has gathered a force of some of the Earth’s most dangerous supervillains to act as a final force against the V’Sori.

They are murderers, cutthroats and robbers.

They are thieves, bandits and scum.

They are a necessary evil, and they are our last hope.

Necessary Resistance is a Superhero campaign using the Savage Worlds setting of Necessary Evil. As many of the players are long time comic fans, the normal NE world has been altered to be a mix of DC Comics and Marvel Comics history, including many of the iconic heroes and villains from both universes.

Necessary Resistance